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12.11.16Field Trial Marcheprime


Last weekend I had a lovely trip with Annelies towards France. For me the first time ever I wanted to participate in a Field Trial with my dogs. It was an amazing experience. My dogs loved to hunt for the pheasants and i got very friendly comments about their work.
We saw many great looking and working spaniel in the fields. In our spaniel group (spéciale autres variétés) we had to compeed against Field Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Clumber Spaniel and the Irish Water Spaniel).
The Judges, club organisation, shooters, helpers and participants were all too nice and friendly and me and my dogs enjoyed every moment we were there. Thank you all for making this last contest in her hunting carrier for Missy so special! She is now officially retired :-)
Green Socks Ready For Take Off - Missy:
1 place, Excellent, CACT
and awarded the:
Challenge Louis René Veignat, le Beau et le Bon !!!
Aura the Waterspaniel - Arriba:
both days 2place, Excellent, and a reserve CACT at the first day


The ground contained ilex, ferns, bushes, ditches and so a lot possibilities for the pheasants to hide under the cover.

First day FT under the judges monsieur Montigny and monsieur Hiquet


Second day FT under the judges monsieur Lynossier and madame Vergne-Malard


The food that had been served were extraordinaire: we were spoiled by a five course meal each day !!!



Spanferkel am offenen Feuer

03.09.16Arribas - Retriever Working Test F

13102820_1009829725777728_7618216172363037804_nMy "little" Arriba has grown up :-)

Today she passed the retriever F working (fun) test with a "very good" 67/80 points and a third place.

There are some "genes" in her ;-) my little rockstar!

26.04.16Searching image - how many IWS can you spot?


And here the counting:



20.04.16Arriba under reconstruction

Poor Arriba ! She has a little piece split off her ellbow-bone.

To fix this, she had to undergo a v-pad treatment today. For this they take out 60ml blood out of jugularis vene, put this through a special filter pad, thrombozytes and steam cells will be hold back and afterwards these cells has been injected to the broken bone piece. It is supposed to heal better/faster and should decrease the infection. Cross fingers! In few weeks we will know more...

UPDATE: we had have a vet-date 4 weeks after treatment and he is very pleased with healing progress. I would say Arriba is 90% back to normal. If you would not know the injury, you would not spot it while walking. I really can recommend that method and veterinary! https://www.facebook.com/…/Tierarztpraxis-…/198288386985608…

UPDATE: we had have our final vet date and Arriba got the "go" to work full-time again :-) We are very happy with the healing process after V-Pad-Treatment. It is amazing, how fast, smooth and complete her leg functions are back to normal. Thank you very much Bernd Nickoleit and Ira Loh for your fantastic work!

11.01.16Pheasant Hunt in DK

The year started great: we had been invited by a good friend to participate in a pheasant hunt in denmark.

I can not imaging something more interesting and inspiring than working my spaniel at a classic bird hunt. It was well organized as always, the dogs worked so well, all involved people were relaxed and enjoyed the great weather and company. Arriba pattered close to me, turned well obedient to the whistle, could flush 6 pheasants out of the brambles and was steady to flush. She really enjoyed that hunt - as i did! Looking so much forward to the next season :-)
The next day we refreshed the obedience with a trainings session in the rabbit pen and did some pigeon flushes.
There is no better way to begin a year :-)