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Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Webseite über die liebenswerte Jagdhunderasse - den Irischen Wasser Spaniel

Wir sprechen Deutsch und Englisch. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns anzurufen. Wir melden uns schnellstmöglich bei Ihnen.

We talk german and english. If you may have any question please dont hesitate to leave us a message and we will come in contact with you as soon as possible.


Wir leben mit unseren Hunden in Norddeutschland in einem kleinen Ort mit dem Dosenmoor und Feldern/Wäldern um uns herum und der Ostsee nahebei.  Wir bekamen unsere Hündin "Green Socks Ready For Take Off" (besser bekannt unter dem Namen Miss Marple) im Jahre 2008 von den Züchtern Annelies und Michael Roeterdink aus Holland. Miss Marple entwickelte sich in sehr kurzer Zeit zu einer unermüdlichen, fleissigen und allzeit bereiten Arbeiterin, die jede Aufgabe die ihr gestellt wird, versucht zu erfüllen. Sie ist eine liebenswerte, offene und freundliche Hündin mit einem sehr hohen "will to please". Es ist eine Freude sie zu trainieren und sie lernt ausserordentlich schnell und gerne. Sie ist für mich eine unentbehrliche Hilfe bei der Jagd und ich kann mich hundertprozentig auf sie verlassen. In der jagdfreien Zeit halten wir ihren Trainingsstandart mit Dummys auf einem gleich hohen Niveau.

We and our dogs live in the northern part of Germany in a small village near the Dosenmoor, with fields around and the Baltic Sea nearby. We got our companion dog “Green Socks Ready For Take Off”, better known as “Miss Marple” in early spring of 2008 from the breeders Annelies and Michael Roeterdink in the Netherlands. Our bitch is a lovely, friendly, outgoing and serious little lady. She is always ready for work, she has a high „will to please“ and it is a joy to train her. She is my very helpful hunting companion and in the hunting free period of the year, we keep her education standard with Dummytraining.

Weil unsere Erwartungen an den irischen Wasserspaniel durch Miss Marple übererfüllt wurden und wir begeistert sind von ihrem Wesen und ihrer Arbeitsfreude, haben wir im Jahre 2011 einen Wurf mit ihr gemacht. Aus diesem behielten wir die Hündin "Aurea The Waterspaniel" (genannt: Arriba). Unser Hauptaugenmerk bei der Zucht liegt auf freundlichen, offenen und arbeitsfreudigen Hunden mit einem hohen will to please. Wir züchten unter der Aufsicht und dem Reglement des Jagdspaniel Klub e.V. und damit unter dem Dachverband des VDH/FCI.

Viel Spass beim Stöbern auf unserer Webseite. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, zögern Sie bitte nicht uns zu kontaktieren.

Since we are overwhelmed and surprised about the abilities of the Irish Water Spaniel we bred with Miss Marple in 2011. From this litter we kept the bitch “Aurea The Waterspaniel”, called „Arriba“. We think it is important having friendly healthy dogs, looking and working well and that's what we are breeding for. We breed under supervision of the Huntingspaniel Club e.V and therefore under the regulations of VDH/FCI. Enjoy the pictures and have fun looking around. If you have any questions, just click on the “contact" button and we will answer you as soon as possible.


In the netherlands her name is Dwingelandje.

This means "in a nice way": terror-dwarf or something similar.

I think that suits her ;-)


02.06.17boat trip with the puppies

We had so much fun at our boat trip with the little once. It took only a few moments for them to choose jumping into the water as ist suits a normal IWS ;-)


Bootsausflug mit Phoebe

auf dem Boot

 jumping from boat



13.05.17IWS Spezial Klubschau

That was an very unexpected outcome! At the 2017 jubilee clubshow from the netherland IWS community. I had entered Missy in the working class, judge was Judith Carruthers. Renske Flokstra handled her perfectly and she won that class. I was happy and thought: well thats it, lets go out with the puppies and have some fun at the lake. (I am not a show person, i did not remember the procedere). So i took the dogs for a nice walk and swim and when i finally came back to the show ring area, many people were a bit hectic and waving their arms towards me. Also i had have missed some phone calls on my mobile... It turned out, that a dog who wins a class is "not ready" with the show and has to go for further competitions again other bitches. So i shamefully handed my whet dog to Renske and she tried to towell her a bit and in the ring it goes again. There she stood in the middle like a whet poodle with all the beautiful and stylish IWS ... Finally 2 bitches were asked to step away and i was again happy, that "this was it" and we could hide anywere behind a tent. But surprisingly wrong: Here again Missy won the "Best Bitch"!!! After this, she had also to go against the best male IWS (what was her brother Toran). So in the end it turned out, that my beloved Missy won the clubshow with an entry of 25 IWS as BoB/BiS and was awarded different other trophys:
Tulip Memorial (for BoB winner who has won a Field Trial the year before - sponsored by Inge Fischer)
Liquer Flask (for best working dog - sponsored by Martyn Ford Cuboglach)
Killimuk Cup (for BoB winner with entries of more than 10 IWS - sponsored by Ank ter Kuile)
Mopsen plate (for BoB winner with KNVJ hunting diploma - sponsored by Inge Fischer)
IWS plate (for BoB winner - sponsored by Annelies und Michael Roeterdink)
IWS USB stick (sponsored by Annelies und Michael Roeterdink)
Wooden IWS leash holder (sponsered by Clara Hamers)
Silver Bracelett (for best bitch - sponsored by Natalya Gudkova)
And on top the judge Judith Carruthers had brought a beautiful paint from a british artist about marchlands and the geese (love it!).
I was so much not prepared for all what happened at that day and i apologize for letting my dog swim during a dog show, for not beeing proper dressed and not right in time at the ring, for bringing another bitch in heat near the ring (so that distracted the dogs from proper movement) and and and...
I want to thank all the sponsors of the trophys, the sponsors of the club show, the organisation team of the netherlands IWS club, the judge for giving my beloved bitch such a great response at her very last show and last but not least Annelies and Michael Roeterdink for breeding these exceptional dogs!!! THANK YOU ALL


15.04.17Decision made

May i introduce our new family member:

Green Socks Good Thing Going - Splien

To be honest: she choosed me. Lady Yellow was connected right from the beginning to me an insisted to stay near me all the time. 

I could not resist and am more than happy with this sweet little curly

Green Socks Good Thing Going


02.04.17first game contact

We introduced different game to the puppies and checked, how they  react to it. 

We had duck and pheasant wing, a crow and a little canin.

All did very well and were interested in the game and tried to retrieve it more or less successfully ;-)













30.03.17exploring the wood


20.03.17puppies love the water and grow fast

Splien in der Badewanne





Splien and her brother Sting in the heather


19.03.174 weeks old - lady yellow

Splien Entwicklung

15.03.17Maureen genes came through

This reminds me so much on the lovely puppy face of grandgrandma Maureen. She was a very special IWS bitch: hunter and personality

Splien Maureen

01.03.17puppy face



19.02.17new family member has been born!

sweet puppy face

My new puppy has been born.

If you wanna follow the puppies growing, please check the litter blog under:

Green Socks Litter Blog

01.01.17Happy and peaceful new year 2017